Sunday, 12 December 2010

eMystery Shopper

I haven't wrote on this blog for a very long time, Every day there's about a 1001 things that I need to do, and unfortunately some things don't get a look in! but I'm going to try a bit harder to start adding some valuable content to this blog, I think it desperately needs it! :S

What I wanted to add right now, is to let you know of a site called emystery shopper,if you chose to join this site (its' free)you would monitor and review internet sites.

I joined this site a few months back and have done quite a few website evaluations so far, I recently completed a project which involved surveying 4 websites on the same topic, I recieved £25 for this.

When you sign up, you will have to sign a form and mail it back to the company, once they have recieved it, they will contact you and you will be expected to carry out one website evaluation of your choice, you will not be paid for this one. If it is accepted you will then be able to view the list of websites which need evaluating, you can apply for whichever one your interested in.

For each website evaluation, you will be paid anything from £3.50+ , If you choose to do a purchase/returns for that website, you will be paid more.

There is a web forum which others have been discussing this website, this is where I first heard of the company, you can take a look here
The surveys that you need to complete for these websites are quite lengthy and very detailed, you will be asked to look at certain pages and answer a range of questions.
These will be on your thoughts of the homepage, what the customer service is like (if you are asked to e-mail or phone).

You do have to put in some time and effort, as with any job, but if your looking to make some extra income this can be the perfect opportunity.

Please do let me know how you get on. :)

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