Sunday, 12 December 2010

Make Money Online – Starting Up an Internet Based Business

There is ample opportunity to make money online. It can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have no knowledge of how the internet works. Starting up a web based business can seem impossible for someone who has little technical background. But, it is not as impossible as it seems. In fact, with the proper help, you can have a website up and running in no time.

The best part about that, is it will cost very little and can turn into a very profitable business in less than a year.

Chris Farrell is the creator of the eBook ‘Create Your First Website by 3:45 this Afternoon’. He details how to get an internet business up and going. The first step is to create a website. This can be done with little or no background and very little money.

Mr. Farrell started out with no technical background. All he could do was email, and surf the internet. From that beginning, he dug up all the information he needed to create a website and a business that now brings in four figures daily.

Mr. Farrell began back in 2008, and now he enjoys sharing the knowledge of how to make money online with others.

Mr. Farrell was frustrated with the lack of information for beginners about how to create a website. He was further frustrated with the highly technical language that was thrown at him as he tried to get a handle on exactly how to build a website. He put his hard earned knowledge to a good purpose and wrote Create Your First Website by 3:45 this Afternoon.

He enables many to start up business that they otherwise would never be able to. People who have no knowledge of the internet can start to make money online with the help of his free e-Book.

The opportunity to make money online is one that thousands wish they could pursue. Retirees hear about the opportunity to earn an income online, but back away because of their lack of technical knowhow. Moms with kids would love to have businesses that they can operate from home while tending to their families. Even people with 9 to 5 jobs are looking for on the side money making opportunities.

Some people are looking to replace their jobs entirely with a successful online business. With the help of Chris Farrell’s free eBook, all of these dreams are entirely possible.

p.s - At this present moment I would call Chris Farrell, my mentor, I am a member of his membership site, which has recently been voted the number 1 internet marketing site you can read some reviews about him, here

As I mentioned I'm currently a member of his membership site, the way he breaks things down, I have not seen from anyone else, he doesn't hide the fact that making money online is hard work, but he shows you that it can be done.

Chris is from London, but is now living a very comfortable life in LA, he came online in 2008 knowing hardly anything about the net, he started to educate himself and within 6 months started to make a small income online. He has taught more than 25,000 (and still rising) newcomers succesfully set up their own web business.

You can grab a free copy of his eBook 'Create your first website by 3:45 this afternoon' and free membership to Success Grenade, worth $19.99 a month which is aimed at the beginner and newcomer, by clicking here

Working From Home Online

Work from home is the siren call to many people who are home bound but could be making money anyway. Retirees, mothers, homemakers, and disabled all can stay home to take care of family or themselves but still have a successful business.

Many people shy away from these exciting offers because of the many scams out there that claim huge income from simple online business ventures. It is true that one must be careful in selecting an online business. The safest way to start up an online business is to do it yourself.

Starting a business is scary enough, but building a website too is extremely overwhelming. Finding basic help for how to build a website is difficult especially if there is no technical background to draw from. But now even those who have very little experience with the internet can build a website from the ground up with simple to follow instructions in plain English.

More resources are becoming available for beginners and newcomers to work from home creating internet businesses. It was once the domain of only those who had technical knowledge, but now anyone can do it.

Working from home online comes in many different shapes and sizes. The most important thing about starting an internet business is finding a niche. Successful online businesses are built around very specific things. If one tries to go broad, usually the site fails.

The internet is a huge marketplace, each successful business has found a specific and unique way to interest customers and sell products.

Though it seems scary to hang success on a very narrow market, it is the best way to go with an online business. Commodities can come in the form of digital products or products that are shipped. Each type has different considerations and demands.

Home based businesses afford the creator many different benefits. Owners get to stay at home to tend to family or take care of their own illnesses or disabilities. In the mean time, they can operate online businesses and turn a great profit. Some online businesses that just started up are making a thousand dollars a day or more after only six months of operation.

Work from home has some difficulties as well. Business at home means that one can never get away from the business. It sometimes interferes with daily happenings at home, but good time management, consistency and the ability to balance work and play is the key to a successful online business.

eMystery Shopper

I haven't wrote on this blog for a very long time, Every day there's about a 1001 things that I need to do, and unfortunately some things don't get a look in! but I'm going to try a bit harder to start adding some valuable content to this blog, I think it desperately needs it! :S

What I wanted to add right now, is to let you know of a site called emystery shopper,if you chose to join this site (its' free)you would monitor and review internet sites.

I joined this site a few months back and have done quite a few website evaluations so far, I recently completed a project which involved surveying 4 websites on the same topic, I recieved £25 for this.

When you sign up, you will have to sign a form and mail it back to the company, once they have recieved it, they will contact you and you will be expected to carry out one website evaluation of your choice, you will not be paid for this one. If it is accepted you will then be able to view the list of websites which need evaluating, you can apply for whichever one your interested in.

For each website evaluation, you will be paid anything from £3.50+ , If you choose to do a purchase/returns for that website, you will be paid more.

There is a web forum which others have been discussing this website, this is where I first heard of the company, you can take a look here
The surveys that you need to complete for these websites are quite lengthy and very detailed, you will be asked to look at certain pages and answer a range of questions.
These will be on your thoughts of the homepage, what the customer service is like (if you are asked to e-mail or phone).

You do have to put in some time and effort, as with any job, but if your looking to make some extra income this can be the perfect opportunity.

Please do let me know how you get on. :)