Monday, 24 November 2008

Customer service agents

I haven't posted for a while now, been very busy with homeschooling and homelife. I will try to update this blog alot more often. Below I have just compiled a small list of companies who employ home based customer service agents, these are mainly based in the United States, but some do employ agents from other countries.

The above companies may or may not have openings right now, but it's worth checking.

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The Homeschooling Ummi said...

as salaamu alayki the jobs that you posted mashallah they are in amreica are you able to do them from your location. I know of them because I am a work at home mom as well and i have gotten hired from three of the jobs you posted. I was just courious didnt know you can do them from England...thats cool if you can... salaams Umm Samyrah