Monday, 25 August 2008

Work from the comfort of your own home

Work at home moms have both : an income and that all important time to spend with their kids.
Which is invaluable, especially while they are young.

Here I will provide some ideas of realistic and legitimate ways to help you earn money from home. There are alot of scams circling the internet, and need to be avoided at all costs, some of which are very costly. Also there are alot of get rich quick schemes, which you need to be very wary of.

Fortunately there is alot of genuine jobs and businesses one could do from home, for men too.
Some of these may just provide enough to supplement your current income, or others may provide or eventually provide enough to actually help you leave your full time job if you have one, and work exclusively from home.

  • Freelance writer - freelance writers have the opportunity to do a range of different things, from magazines, newspapers, to online. You can start writing your own blogs, articles and earn money for it.

  • Web designer - If you can design a website, you could make alot of money by offering this as a service.

  • Home/Online tutor - You may know a second language well enough to teach it, already homeschool your children, or be extremely knowledgable about a certain subject. If so, there could be adults/children who could benefit from your teaching.

  • Virtual assistant - You will work independantly from home, and offer your services to companies who will need you to do admin work etc...

  • Child care provider - If you have the necessary qualifications, which is normally required in order to do this job, you could easily do this from home.

There are many more businesses and jobs one could do from home which I havent listed here, but I will be adding more very soon, with links also. Keep checking back often for updates.


Umm Faatimah said...

Just wanted to say i've had a look at your new blog and i am very impressed! I will adding you to my favorites and i think you have inspired me to get blogging myself!!

Naimah said...

Jazakillaahu khairan for taking a look. I think you'll do well with your blog insha Allaah. let me know when you've completed it.

Web Your Mind said...

assalaamu 'alaiki

you did a good on yiur site . may allaah reward you for this site .Ameen !

wa 'alaiki salaam